Allow my 35 years of personal and professional experience to enhance your team!

Purplechariot Consulting

Collaborative Consulting to access disability services in Victoria and area

About Purplechariot Consulting

Purplechariot Consulting was formed in August 2017 with the hope to connect marginalized individuals and persons with disabilities to services in their neighbourhood and beyond.

It has been my experience, in doing work such as this over the last 35 years, that when exploring available services, one tends to get overwhelmed  and anxious at the process, and the lack of experienced professionals in this feild.

Thank you for visiting the site!   I would consider it an honor and privilege to work with you to help you live the life you want ... to the best of your ability!

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Mission Statement

Purplechariot Consulting is a company that believes in:

  •  integrity
  •  compassion
  •  empathy
  •  solutions


I assist and empower individuals in the following areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Persons with Disabilities Designation online application and 23 page packet
  • Welfare application
  • Canada Pension Plan application
  • Canada Pension Plan -Disability Designation
  • Autoplan Disability Discount
  • Fuel Tax Rebate
  • BC Housing Registry
  • BC Housing Application/Supplemental Application
  • SAFER Program
  • Rental Assistance Program
  • BC Ferries Pass Program
  • Bus Pass Program application
  • Parking Permit Program application
  • Service animal Application
  • Support for those  transitioning from the care of the MCF

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I am working hard to create content that is both helpful and interesting to my clients. Continue to watch this space for details

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Popular Information Sessions

Small group, information session


In this workshop, eligibility for this program is discussed in detail.  The steps for beginning the online application are explained.

The option for one on one appointments is available to discuss individual  circumstances.  



Although these benefits are similiar, application processes for both are very different, as is the information requested to complete the application.  I am well versed in each.


What makes me qualified to do this work??

Dealing  with the barriers and challenges that come with disability from birth, I have learned not only to advocate for myself, but also for others.  I have been navigating disability services independently since age 15.

Give me  the honor of walking this journey with you... We can do this together!

Why are no prices listed for your services?

No prices are listed because the needs of each client are so diverse and unique.

 My services are tailored to each client individually. During the first meeting, the prospective client will be given an Information Package, that will contain relative information regarding  costs of services and payment options

Do you accept monthly financial support from Individual donors to support your work?


At this time Purplechariot Consulting receives no provincial or public funding to carry out the work we do.  

I receive no salary of any type.

If you wish to become a donor, and financially support  the work I do, feel free to call 250  580 4177

and leave a message with your contact info and I will be happy  to discuss further details with you.