Collaborative Consulting to access disability services in Victoria and area

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About Me


My Experience

Why choose Purplechariot Consulting?

My Experience

I have personal and professional experience that totals 35 years in the field.

Dealing with the barriers and challenges that come with disability since birth, makes me uniquely qualified to assist other people with disabilities and people who are disadvantaged.

I have successfully assisted hundreds  of people over the last number of years to access and receive the government services they require,


My Approach

Why choose Purplechariot Consulting?

My Experience

I love to work collaboratively with my clients in all areas.  Your story  is valuable, and your life's experience is unique to you alone.

The most important thing to me, when we meet for the first time, is to hear your story, because often, in the description of your journey, the stepping stones are revealed for the journey forward.

working together, teamwork

Why choose Purplechariot Consulting?

Why choose Purplechariot Consulting?

Why choose Purplechariot Consulting?

I provide information to clients that is gathered from both a lifetime of personal experiences, as well as many years of professional  knowledge in the area of disability services that are offered in the province of British Columbia.

Discovering that you may need to access services for the first time can feel scary - especially if you are new to the world of disability.

Let my knowledge and experience work for you.

We can do this ... together!

Thank you...

Coast Salish People

Gratefully acknowledge the Coast Salish People  on whose ancestral lands I live and work.